First Aid (1-375)

If you would like to skip the arduous grind and get to the fun part right away, our First Aid Profession WoW service is here to help you out! It might be hard to level up professions and start making profits from them, but with our best pro players, you'll forget about all the obstacles that might have stopped you from enjoying the game to the fullest.

Our service hires only experienced WoW players who have spent more than ten years in the game. Our PROs have already assistance over 8,000 players, and this number keeps growing. Everyone in the community deserves a chance to play the game at a comfortable pace while still having access to all desired rewards and essential items!

But how can we make sure that WoW First Aid leveling goes smoothly and safely? All players use VPN to ensure complete safety to each customer. Also, we've implemented a zero-tolerance policy towards all possible cheats and exploits, so the only thing our pros will be using is their skill.

To customize your order, feel free to discuss other options with our managers via live chat. Down below, you can take a look at available options.

Remember that you can always add something else: just let us know what you would like that to be. We offer a custom schedule and daily updates, so with us, you'll finally master WoW TBC First Aid professions with ease!

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What you'll get
First Aid (1-375)
Lots of resources while leveling the profession
Blue Gear set from PvP (5 items)
Crafting + Gathering professions bundle 1-375 (25% off)
Attunement to all 15 Heroic dungeons Bundle
How it works
After checkout, you receive a link to your email
You choose your preferred time and fill in the wishes for the order.
We select a professional who is the best fit for your order.
You are discussing order details in a secure private chat. After completing the order, all your data and dialogue with the player will be deleted.
Our professional player completes your order
You receive updates and a link to the flow for each order, so you can see the progress.
You check if everything is in order and accept the service
Only after that our player will receive payment for the order.
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