Attunements Bundle (All Heroic dungeons)

Grab your WoW TBC Attunements Bundle (All Heroic dungeons) right here, and you will get attuned for all activities with ease!

Our service will pick the right PROs for your request who understand how to take care of the task in the shortest terms. Our professional team will finish all Heroic Dungeons needed for Attunements.

It will take around 3-7 days for us to finish all activities. The completion time depends on your realm and faction, and we'll give you more details on the order delivery once we discuss all nuances in a private chat.

Our services are 100% safe for PC users. We use VPN to make sure that your account isn't put at any risk. Cheats and all kinds of exploits are not allowed here.

If you would like to customize your order or have already made some reputation progress, share it with our managers, and we will adjust the price for you.

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What you'll get
All Heroic dungeons attunement
Heroic Hellfire Citadel Attunement (Flamewrought Key)
Heroic Tempest Keep Attunement (Warpforged Key)
Heroic Coilfang Reservoir Attunement (Reservoir Key)
Heroic Auchindoun Attunement (Auchenai Key)
Heroic Caverns of Time Attunement (Key of Time)
Blue Gear set from PvP (5 items)
Crafting + Gathering professions bundle 1-375 (25% off)
Attunement to all 15 Heroic dungeons Bundle
How it works
After checkout, you receive a link to your email
You choose your preferred time and fill in the wishes for the order.
We select a professional who is the best fit for your order.
You are discussing order details in a secure private chat. After completing the order, all your data and dialogue with the player will be deleted.
Our professional player completes your order
You receive updates and a link to the flow for each order, so you can see the progress.
You check if everything is in order and accept the service
Only after that our player will receive payment for the order.
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