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What Is TBC Arena and How Can You Get the Burning Crusade PvP Gear?
TBC Arena is one of the main ways to get PvP gear and obtain rare rewards, most accessible only through the arena. By unlocking titles and achieving a higher TBC Arena rating, every player gets an opportunity to obtain a special season-specific reward. It can be a flying mount TBC reward, a unique gear set, a higher title, etc.

  • Season Gladiator (Top 0.1%)

  • WoW TBC Gladiator title (Top 0.5%)

  • Duelist (Top 0.5% - 3%)

  • Rival (Top 3% - 10%)

  • Challenger (Top 10 - 35%)

What Are TBC Arena Level Requirements, and Can You Use a Burning Crusade Arena Boost to Rank Up?

To enter any battleground, you must be at least lvl 10. The requirements for battlegrounds can go as high as possible; for example, for EoS battleground, you'll need to reach lvl 61, but for Arathi Basin you need to have only lvl 20.

Battlegrounds have different requirements, so you'll have to check each one before trying to enter it. The minimum level for entering the Arena combat is 70. To get to that level ASAP, you don't have to spend every day and night in the game. With our 3v3 Arena leveling service, you can enjoy all in-game activities and rewards without wasting your time and resources on the leveling routine.

Why Choose Our Burning Crusade Service?
So why do so many WoW players use assistance from professional gamers? Is it really that helpful to get a boost instead of doing things on your own? The truth is that boosting services can be a great help if you pick them correctly. Here are some things gamers could finally do after getting a boost:

  • Obtain WoW Gladiator Title, Rival Title, or other WoW arena titles

  • Unlock a variety of new WoW TBC weapons

  • Achieve outstanding performance in TBC Season 1 and following seasons

  • Earn new TBC PvP sets and tons of new gear

  • Receive all kinds of TBC arena rewards

  • Reach 1900 rating (or any other desired rating)

There are so many services out there, so why should you choose Classic Boost to get 2000 Rating in 3x3 or unlock various WoW TBC PvP weapons? Here are a few reasons why you should buy Gladiator title and WoW TBC PvP boost here at CB:

  • We guarantee success in any TBC PvP activity

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