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What Is a TBC Reputation, and How Can You Use a Burning Crusade Boost to Farm It?

Jonathan Barnbrook
WoW reputation is like a currency in the game that's earned by hard work and dedication and builds trust with a certain faction or group. If you farm certain types of reputation, you unlock all kinds of TBC rep rewards, such as gear, access to various activities, mounts, and tons of other items that can come in handy later. Here are some examples of rep you can farm in the game right now:

  • Kurenai Reputation

  • Thrallmar Reputation

  • Shattered Sun Offensive

  • Shat'ari Skygaurd

  • Sha'tar

  • Aldor

  • Scryers

To get rep from any of these factions, you can either spend a lot of time farming or turn to a boosting service that will assist you with every part of the task, which can speed up the farming process up to 10 times, and more.

What Are TBC Reputation Level Requirements?
Reputations also have ranks, and no matter what kind of rep farm you'd like to focus on, you'll have to work hard to achieve the desired rank. There are these ranks available in the game:

  • Neutral (this is a starting point for most reps)

  • Friendly (3,000 points needed)

  • Honored (6,000 points needed)

  • Revered (12,000 points needed)

  • Exalted (21,000 points needed)

To keep going up, you will need to invest a lot of time into farming and grinding. Instead of worrying about that, you can use a WoW TBC Boost Service and finally relax, knowing that the rep farm will be taken care of by the most skilled WoW professionals.

Should You Use The Burning Crusade Reputation Boost?

  • That's an easy way to get TBC reputation rewards

  • You save your time

  • There is no need to worry about your WoW reputation level being too low

  • Most activities related to rep farm become a lot easier to handle

  • You get a better understanding of how reputation works and what needs to be done next

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To farm TBC Honor Hold reputation or receive Kurenai rep rewards, just place your order here on our website. This should take about a minute or so, and right after that, we'll start looking for an expert who'll help you out the best they can. You can trust our experts with anything!