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What Are Burning Crusade Professions?
Professions are extremely valuable in the game since they give players an opportunity to get unique items and consumables that no other place or NPC can provide. All Burning Crusade professions also offer exclusive gear, meaning that gamers who chose a certain profession can get gear that no other spec has access to. Here is a list of the professions s you can check out right now:

  • Fishing

  • Engineering

  • Alchemy

  • Herbalism

  • Blacksmithing

  • Mining

  • Leatherworking

  • Skinning

  • Enchanting

What can you get by dedicating yourself to the Burning Crusade Professions? A lot, actually. These are some examples of what you can craft or get as a reward:

  • Amazing weapons, such as Drakefist Hammer and Lionheart Blade

  • Powerful PvP/PvE items, such as Reflectors and Thorium Grenades

  • Jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, and other gear pieces

  • Consumables for any battle

… as well as a variety of other goodies.

What Are the Profession Level Requirements, and How Can You Use a Burning Crusade Boost to Level Up?
Character levels are tied to a rank you'd like to achieve. Here is a list of all ranks and skill/character level requirements for all of them:

  • Apprentice NA/5

  • Journeyman 50/10

  • Expert 125/20

  • Artisan 200/35

  • Master 275/50-40

To get to the desired rank ASAP, you can either spend a few weeks leveling up, or use our WoW TBC carry service to do that in the shortest terms possible. Our pros know the secrets to the quickest leveling route, and they will be glad to share it with you.

Why Is Our WoW TBC Boost Service a Great Idea for You?

TBC professions carry services are not only the way to level up or fetch up any piece of gear fast, but also an opportunity to explore the world of the game and fully dive into the content. There are many reasons why players choose boosting services, and here is a list of some of them:

  • Obtaining different gear sets will get easier

  • You will get access to unique armor and gear that cannot be found anywhere else

  • Crafting gear and consumables will turn into a care-free and quick process

  • You'll create items that you can later sell to other players and enrich your gear collection with even better pieces

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