The Burning Crusade Mounts

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What Are Burning Crusade Mounts?
WoW TBC Classic Mounts offer a unique way to move around the map, get to various places, and even fly sometimes. These are peculiar beasts that can be obtained through various quests, tasks, challenges, and other objectives. Some WoW mounts are rarer than others, and some are way more exotic and weird-looking than all other creatures that you usually see in-game. There is a crazy variety of TBC mounts earnable right now, some of which are:

  • Netherwing Drake
  • Cenarion War Hippogryph
  • Hawkstrider
  • Ashes of A'lar
  • Talbuk
What Are the TBC Mount Level Requirements?
The lowest requirement for mounts in TBC is lvl 30; however, it often depends on the type of quest you're working on. The TBC mount level can go all the way up to 60, but it will never be lower than 30.

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Why Should You Use the Burning Crusade Boost?
Mounts in Burning Crusade often take a lot of time and work to be obtained, so many players choose to get assistance from experts instead of wasting their time on the arduous grind. If you still have any doubt about the benefits of such help, take a look at what you'll be able to do once you buy Burning Crusade Classic mount boosts:

  • Beat any challenge in the game
  • Complete all kinds of quests of different difficulty levels
  • Learn how to fly
  • Obtain any mount
  • Fill your collection with tons of new unique pieces
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There are many TBC mounts to farm, so you will never run out of quests. To unlock some rare Burning Crusade flying mounts, check out our offers at, and feel free to chat with our specialists. With us, you'll unlock all the most sought-after mounts with ease!