The Burning Crusade Gearing

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What Is WoW TBC Gear?
Burning Crusade gear is widely used as a protection and abilities boost in a wide range of activities. Gear is one of the main objectives for most players, and this is one of the biggest rewards for completing all sorts of challenges, quests, raids, dungeons, and other activities. In the game, you can obtain this kind of gear:

  • TBC Blue PvP gear

  • Burning Crusade Arena gear

  • WoW TBC Honor gear

  • WoW TBC Gladiator gear

… as well as many others. By obtaining different types of gear sets, you get a chance to customize your character and improve your abilities and enhance your strengths. No matter if you are hunting for WoW TBC Classic Honor gear or a WoW TBC Blue PvP set; all of them are worth the hassle.

What Are the Level Requirements for Burning Crusade PvP Gear?
There are different requirements for all activities that will reward you with unique gear. The lowest level requirement is usually around lvl 10, and the highest one, which often goes for Arena activities and complicated raids, is 70.

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Should You Get a WoW Burning Crusade Boost to Gear Up?

Is getting a wow PvP gear boost really a good idea for gamers? Let's review the facts. Here is why so many players use Honor Gear boost to get the most sought-after pieces in the game:

  • You get access to the rarest wow TBC classic PvP gear

  • It becomes easier to obtain any gear piece

  • There is no need in spending all your time on the same activity

  • Players free their time for other activities and tasks

  • You finally get to enjoy the game properly

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