WoW Burning Crusade Battlegrounds

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What Are WoW Burning Crusade Battlegrounds?
Burning Crusade battlegrounds are areas where players can compete against each other and earn some Honor Points that can be later spent on different rewards, gear pieces, high-level items, etc. Players can enter the areas through special portals. In the game, there are several battlegrounds playable right now:

  • Warsong Gulch

  • Arathi Basin

  • Eye of the Storm

  • Alterac Valley

  • Battle for Gilneas

By participating in TBC Battlegrounds and taking your time to hone your skills and rank up, you can earn the following TBC Battleground rewards:

  • Gladiator necks, cloaks, rings, and other gear

  • Damage boots, gloves, trinkets, and other gear

  • Melee one-handed weapons, shields, helms, etc.

  • Intellect one-handed weapons

  • Two-handed weapons

Are You Ready to Beat Another WoW PvP Challenge?
There are a few level requirements you need to take care of before entering the activity.

  • Be at least lvl 10

  • Visit the Battlemaster

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