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What's WoW TBC About?

This game is a re-vision of the OG Burning Crusade WoW addon that was announced in 2007, was announced on February 20th, and released on June 2nd, 2021. This version of the game is available as an alternative to the most recent version of the game and allows you to see Azeroth the way it was after the release of the first addon– the Burning Crusade. On top of that the WoW carry services here make your adventures across this world more smooth and pleasant.

What Burning Crusade Classic Can Offer You?

Key features of this version of the game are:

  • Max level is now 70.

  • Complete revival of mechanics from 13 years ago.

  • 10 races to choose from – humans, dwarves, night elves, gnomes, draenei, orcs, undead, taurens, trolls, and blood elves.

  • 9 classes to play as - a warrior, paladin, hunter, shaman, druid, rogue, priest, mage, warlock.

  • 2 worlds to explore: Azeroth and Outlands.

  • The game's update plan is spread across 5 Phases.

  • The return of such legendary and famous instances like Karazhan in its original form.

  • Ability to fly (on specific mounts)

What Are the Challenges and Difficulties of Burning Crusade?

Playing a specific and quite outdated patch of the game, even though with bug fixes, presents a unique set of challenges, especially for someone who's used to modern conventions of more recent MMORPG games. Common milestones like reaching the max level or gaining titles in PvP get a whole new layer of challenge. This is something our Warcraft boost is designed to help gamers with.

Some of the biggest challenges that every player faces in the game are:

  • World buffs don't matter now. You won't be able to rely on them when raiding, which makes raids considerably more difficult while at the same time the preparation stage and finding the right group that much more paramount.

  • All raid bosses are in the pre-nerf state. It means they are more powerful and difficult to defeat than 13 years ago. Thankfully, we have a specific WoW service for that!

  • Heroic dungeons are nothing like similar instances in Classic. They can't be cleared solo and present a true test for groups of 5.

It's a good thing any player gets a bit of a helping hand in these matters in the form of Wow TBC Boost.

What Are the Benefits of Using Boosts for WoW TBC Classic?

Anything you struggle with within the game can be solved with a Burning Crusade Boost. Here are the most popular and useful Warcraft service list that will help you avoid the game's most aggravating challenges:

  1. WoW Classic BC Level Boost – is arguably the most demanded service of all. Reaching a high lvl in the game can be tough, but with this service, you can jump as many lvls as you like. For instance, you could skip the first 58 lvls, in which case you can simply request a WoW Tbc Classic Boost 58. Another extremely popular type of Burning Crusade Classic boost is the one that can help you obtain titles such as WoW Gladiator title for PvP. A WoW Gladiator title takes commitment and a lot of time, but with a WoW arena rating boost, you'll get that title and the rewards that come with it at absolutely no effort from you.

  2. Obtaining gear is just as important as burning crusade leveling, so you can get a double offer - burning crusade level boost and gearing in one package.

No challenge is impossible with Get your own wow TBC leveling service today and seize the day!